Apopka, FL - Indoor Foliage Capital of the World

Apopka, FL - Indoor Foliage Capital of the World

If you’re in the foliage industry, chances are that you may be familiar with Apopka, Florida. The indoor foliage capital of the world is home to many of our locally grown plant suppliers. With the summer months being calmer than the holidays, we decided to find the time to visit some of our plant suppliers a few weeks back.  

I’m familiar with Apopka not because of my foliage knowledge (which, by the way was much weaker before I had the chance to talk with some of our growers), but because it’s actually my hometown. My family started their own greenhouse business in the ‘70’s, and that’s where all of it really began for us. 

The greenhouses we visited in and around Apopka had a lot of really cool things for us. Plants we sell, plants I’ve never seen, everything was awesome. The varieties were endless. I can’t say the hot and muggy Florida weather was my favorite part of our visit, but at least you’re shaded from the sun in the greenhouses. Below are a few photos I snapped of some of my favorite finds.  

PHOTOS ABOVE: These are African violets. The second photo are called RS Serpentine African violets, and the third photo are a Russian variety with a double bloom. Absolutely stunning.

PHOTO ABOVE: Crinkly leaf peperomia

PHOTO ABOVE: Angel wing begonia. Gorgeous!

PHOTOS ABOVE: Some really unique varieties of Begonias - Rex and Persian.

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  • Emily McLaughlin