Our Trip to the LA Flower Market

Our Trip to the LA Flower Market

So maybe you’ve heard of the LA Flower Market.  

If you haven’t, how about Valentine’s Day starring Ashton Kutcher? Where do you suppose he purchased those flowers? You guessed it, the LA Flower Market.  

We recently took a trip to California to tour some farms and check out the LA Flower Market (if I type that one more time, you and I both might explode.) Upon arrival, the surrounding blocks were crowded and parking maybe wasn’t quite next to simple, but we were absolutely ecstatic to be there. I mean, we quite literally “hopped off the plane at LAX,” as Miley would say, and headed in our rental car straight for the flowers!  




The moment had finally arrived and we were about to walk in to buy our tickets! We put our masks up and paid $2 each for a sticker we'd wear on our shirts to get in. The market itself was larger than I had expected - but to be fair, I wasn't really sure what to expect in the first place. As a floral wholesaler, you don't even know where to begin. It was exciting - no, really! The colors were vibrant, the product was plentiful, and the customers and tourists were buzzing. I took so many photos that I didn't know what to do with them all, so I decided I'd share them with you all here!




From pincushion and pink ice protea, to ornamental kale, to stock, carnations, lilies, even cotton and dried products, each stand seemed to have everything. 



I'm still raving to this day about the color scheme of this photo. The warm sunset tones needed no filter. The ranunculus and anemones featured here were beautiful and I'm sure did not last very long before they were mostly picked through and purchased. 

We thought we would visit the market because it's a great way to branch out (across the country for us back in Florida) and take a look at some product and the pricing. We even visited some stands for the farms we visited in the next few days after. Not to mention, it's a must see for any lover of all things floral if you're in the area! 

If you find yourself in LA any time soon, consider heading over to 754 Wall St. With my best judgment, I certainly don't think you'll be disappointed. The site was clean, well kept, family and business friendly, and not far from other exciting districts of the area. 

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  • Emily McLaughlin