Russian Cut Roses

Russian Cut Roses

Unless you're an importer you might have never heard the term Russian-cut roses.

Since Ecuador began its production in the late 1980's and post USSR era began in 1991 there have been 100's of buyers from Russia flocking to Ecuador in search of the highest quality roses in the world. Russians typically show their affection by giving a single large headed rose. With Ecuador's rose production being mostly above 9,000 feet above sea level and right on the Equator, Ecuador is able to grow the longest and largest head roses in the world. The difference between the normal cut stage of a rose for North America is the time growers allow the rose to stay on the plant. Russian cut roses typically remain on the plant 1-2 weeks longer giving it that extra time to grow larger and slightly open for the largest head size.

The result is a large head, more open cut and will often last longer than a rose that's been cut earlier. Because of the extra time on the plant the cost to grow and price sold are higher than those you'll find in the US.

In my opinion the best quality rose you can buy would be a Russian cut rose and cut it down to 40cm. This will give you the best performing longest lasting rose you can buy. I've had Russian cut Esperance roses last a month in my home after re cutting stems every 3 days. Spectacular!!!!!





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