Celebrating Our 1st Birthday 🎉

One year ago today Manatee Fresh was born from the ashes of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was not too long ago that we were all wondering if and when we would recover from the business closures and potential health risks of just walking outside. Many businesses did not survive that period and even though it was a scary time to start a new company we pushed forward and ventured into new areas less affected by the virus.

We started Manatee Fresh not with the mission to be the best wholesaler in town, but instead with the goal of being the best importer in town. We immediately hired the best people from Cortez Floral, expanded our direct import supply, contracted crops with key growers and are now on a mission to convert 100% of our purchasing to farm direct and our own crops in Palmetto, Florida.

2021 will see the beginning of our first sunflower growing; we are in the 2nd cutting of our test beds now. We will expand our local production and add new local growers as we move forward.

We have expanded to offer premium flowers grown in Mexico, 4 foot tall Asiatic and Oriental lilies as well as some beautiful gerberas. We have some of the best hydrangea, double stock, and roses from the equator and a large collection of Dutch and Italian flowers and orchids from Thailand. We are just getting started! These next few years will bring new products and innovations to the market via our Manatee Innovations Lab that is looking 10 years ahead on products, distribution models, customer finance models, innovative marketing, and technology.

Our new rewards program for 2021 has already issued rebates to our top retailer customers in the $1000's. Manatee Rewards is free to join and recognizes our most loyal customers that count on us everyday to provide them with the freshest product and great prices.

Currently we sell to wholesalers in over 26 states, we supply large online retail and supermarkets direct and through some of our wholesale customers. Manatee Fresh is growing into a national importer with staff in Bogota, Medellin, NY, Orlando and Palmetto, Florida.

Our Orlando office opened in January 2021 where we serve several resort properties, convention services, and wholesale to Central Florida retailers.

We are proud to have grown so fast in our first 12 months and thank all our customers, our staff in all locations, and our supply partners from around the world. Without all of you we could not have built this amazing business in such a short time.

Happy New Year in May to all and thanks again for your support.

- Robert, Kristine, and the entire team of Manatee Fresh