COMING SOON - Sense of Source in 2022


To capture a true sense of the source of the world's most beautifully grown flowers, you have to travel from Colombia’s mountains of Medellin to the streets of Bogota, and then north to Miami. Over 36 years, I have lived in the underbelly of an industry of beauty - civil war, drug violence and climate change.  My experiences have exposed me to CIA operatives in Haiti, bombs in Bogota, boardroom infighting in Silicon Valley, the Halls of Congress to negotiate a trade deal, and corruption - in both the USA and Latin America. I've had my life threatened on two continents, been involved in a car chase with police down the streets of Ecuador’s capital, and gotten lost in the jungles of Colombia looking for coffee. This is an industry of beauty used to show our affections, soothe our losses, and show our thanks in a very primal way. The gift and adornment of flowers goes back to the beginning of man. I've spent my life working in this industry, during some of the most interesting times of modern history. This book offers an insider’s look at the beauty and the pain inherent to sourcing the world’s most coveted flowers. 


What this book is about:

This book details my 36+ years in an industry that's often as beautiful as it is deadly, corrupt, and full of unregulated challenges that the average person never hears about. From the early days of Colombian drug violence to the greedy side of organizations trying to make a difference, this book details an insider's perspective, providing a true sense of what the floral industry entails.

Why it's being written:

My goal in writing this book is to engage consumers directly by increasing awareness of sustainable agriculture and why it's essential. Mine is a unique company -- transparent in its sourcing, that addresses the inequalities and environmental impacts of the floral industry, and what can be done about it. With this book, we want to attract, engage, and inform consumers on how they can make lasting, positive environmental changes through their understanding of this industry and the companies they support. The anecdotes of each chapter illustrate the challenges, and allow readers to understand that the choices they make in floral purchases really do matter.



A few of the chapters you can expect to see...

Growers, Guerrillas & Really Bad Coffee - As kidnappings and guerrilla warfare in Colombia increased, so did the impossibility of finding a decent cup of coffee.

Unintentional Drug War Violence Experiences - Pulling into carnation farms will never look the same to readers again.

Adventures in Real Estate, Helping Another Floral Business & a Car Chase with Cops in Quito - Diving into the real estate craze, consulting for other companies and being in a car chase with police on the streets of Ecuador's capital.

The Good CEO Fight & Why Organic Isn’t Always Best - Cleaning up after a failed IPO, what it takes to save a company, and why I visit each farm I work with instead of just accepting that it's organic.