Manatee Fresh Rewards Program


Manatee Fresh Rewards Program is FREE to join. Start earning today!

Thank you for choosing Manatee Fresh as a supply partner for your business. We recognize you have many options for buying flowers these days and in an effort to show appreciation for our most loyal customers we are launching a rewards program for 2021.

To keep it very simple, there are 3 different levels based on sales volumes with us. Middle tier earns rewards points that equal 1% cash back to spend on whatever you want, the top tier earns back 1.5% to spend on whatever you want. Of course, there is some fine print below but this is the skinny of it.

1st Tier Classic Tier - These are our new customers - ones that buy on occasion and want specific things from us. We appreciate your business and want to do the best job for you that we can.

2nd Tier Gold Tier - These are our customers that shop from us and like to spread it around to different wholesalers. We appreciate your business as well and hope to earn more in the future. We are offering reward points on your purchases that equate to 1% cash back to spend on even more flowers.

3rd Tier - Exclusive Tier - Top tier, or exclusive, customers are our customers that focus on selling their next event and buying most of their products from us. This level customer we have a true supply partnership with and offer exceptional products with great pricing year round. In appreciation of the trust you've placed in us, we offer 1.5% cash back to use when you want. As Manatee Fresh increases its marketing efforts in this area we will be naming these customers in news and media as customers that carry our Manatee Fresh brand. Your success is our success and together we can all sell more certified sustainable floral products.