Rich history of flowers in Manatee County




























Manatee County has a rich history in floriculture. Families that settled here in the late 1800's began farming with the first flower farms showing up in the early 1900s. Today there are still many growers in Manatee county from Bradenton to Terra Cia even stretching into Hillsborough county. 

Article in Bradenton Herald 

The Dirr Family became the first commercial growers and shippers of gladiolus from Manatee County as well as Florida. Initially the railroads were reluctant to ship the flowers, as they were packed in bean hampers. The hampers needed to be returned to the grower to be used again. But finally the railroad agreed, and the Dirrs’ business went screaming down the tracks.


The Preston family started in 1892 growing citrus, then flowers and today 4th generation Preston family is still farming in Bradenton, Florida.