Types of Orders

1.) Standing orders are placed with farms for 52 weeks a year (cost averaged) over summer and season prices. This offers a good steady price year round. Growers are flexible with color changes per the season but they only allow 1-2 cancelled shipments when weeks are slow such as after a holiday or shops that take off for vacations.

2.) Seasonal fixed prices which are for a shorter period but offer lowest prices in the summer or a fixed market price for the season. Most people use this when they need to change the types of products they have on weekly orders each season.

3.) Advance Event orders where we buy for you in advance for the best weekly market prices. Buying 2-5 weeks in advance stabilizes the pricing, keeps it within current market conditions and allows changes with 1 week notice.

4.) Open market pricing is for last minute needs. We shop the best farms and importers for current market priced products. If you need a product today, we probably have it in our cooler. If not we can probably get it for you next day, just give us a call.